This Ocean-view comfortable villa can host up to 11 people with its 5 bedrooms. It is a quiet and relaxing place within a private neighbourhood.

We are located in the middle of the southern part of Madeira, by Ribeira Brava which is considered one of the warmest and sunniest parts of the island.

The house sits on a mountain hill, resulting in a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. You have the sun present here from the morning till the sunset, which can be spectacular and enjoyed easily from our veranda or the gardens.

An oasis of calmness

It takes about a 40-minute drive from the Airport, passing Funchal half way. If you are a nature lover this is a convenient, quiet, and private location that enables you to discover the entire island - going further east or up north through the road that divides the Island in half is very easy.

​We strive for high-quality service and we want to make sure you deserve a relaxing holiday, feeling like at home rather than in a hotel.

We have had people staying with us from all over Europe with an overall very high satisfaction rating of 9.5 on since we started this business in 2018:)

Now, how did we come up with the property name?

Indigo is a deep and rich blue colour, between violet and blue, classified as one of the seven base colours of the rainbow. It is named after the indigo dye derived from a tropical plant, hopefully one day growing in our garden. It’s a spiritual colour connected to the sixth chakra and the concept of the Indigo children. The word Indigo itself was adopted from Latin via Portuguese who popularised it to its modern use. Since it is also quite an international word sounding very similar in many languages, we’ve decided to adopt it for the name of our house.

In the IndigoStarHouse we take great care of the connection with nature. With that, we hope to create a sense of well-being and positive energy. We have decorated it in way that it connects a tropical island feel with our planet’s natural elements. In Western astrology, it is believed that the universe is formed by the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water which we have utilised in our bedrooms. The connection with nature is also strengthened by some magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean, the sun-setting displays and finally the stars, which can be easily observed from our garden or the bedrooms’ balcony.

​We invite you to enjoy the INDIGO STAR HOUSE and we hope you feel comfortable and relaxed here, like at home!

Watch our video to get a better sense of our place: